These are my baby boys Moose and Loki.

For the past two months Kyans sister her boyfriend and their daughter have been living at his moms house. They brought with them their 5 hunting dogs. About a 3 weeks ago one of their dogs dragged Moose into the woods. He’s been missing ever since. Because of how violent the dog was with him Kyans mom said that he died. With being missing and the weather conditions it would be nearly impossible for him to survive the attack. The dog also attacked Loki shredding his front left leg. He’s lost a bunch of weight because of that. Yesterday was the first time I’ve been back to Kyans house in over a month. The first thing i do is look for Loki. He comes straight to me and i began to sob. I look at his wounds. They smell awful. I cry into his fur and say that I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I let this happen to him. I’m sorry that he lost his bet friend and his brother. I apologize for not taking better care of them. They were why helped me get through my depression hen I first moved down here to Oklahoma.

I wake up at 7 o’clock this morning to meowing. Kyans mom come in and tell me to come look outside. I walk out the back door and low and behold there is a fatter Moose!!! Somebody must have found him and taken care of him. Cleaned his cuts (they’re all gone) and fed him.
I am so happy. When I get a house next semester these boys will be moving in with me.
This photo is one I took only about 15 minutes ago. They look so much better together. I think that Loki understood how sorry I was and that I swore that I would protect him that he went out last night and found his brother an brought him back for me.